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Odd nosdam performer, producer, yoni wolf performer, doseone performer. A greets with a warm, choral hum, clearly in the boards of canada. Ten is the second album by clouddead, released on mush records and big dada in 2004. The mysterious clouddead combines a trio of underground hiphop artists arranged in the anticon collective doseone, why. I have never considered myself an hipster,as member of aoty community cosmilk said that he consideres that a hipster is a person that refuses to show respected for any popular album or mu album and desperately seeks out unkown albums with like almost no ratings on rym,i have to agree with this statement. Star fish alive and liquid on the lighthouse stoop saturday morning four window spotlight turns the stained sunday bed sheets and back again in the end. Feel free to use this service to download youtube videomp3audio online. A floating amongst plaintive woodwinds, even as it continues to shift. Download hosted hosted by nathan loyd 2001 youtube. And although this album may take multiple listens to truly appreciate, different elements are revealed each time making the. Stream tracks and playlists from clouddead on your desktop or mobile device. Cloud 9 music opened its doors on 1 december 2004 and has a publishing and records department. The company is the leading independent benelux publisher, repr. It was released on may 1, 2001 on big dada in the united kingdom and on may 8, 2001.

An episode of download hosted by nathan loyd with miss bytes from 2001. In this first episode, we try to survive the dangerous, hostile world and gather all the basic materials to make a temporary home. The eps themselves were never separated into tracks within themselves, just sides. Features song lyrics for clouddead s clouddead album. Clouddead almost always stylized clouddead is an experimentalhip hop group consisting of rappers doseone adam drucker and why now known by his real name, yoni wolf and dj odd nosdam david madson, although all three take turns on production and mic duty. Not to say any of the other rough six parts are under par. As dr dres 2001 vaingloriously carved out gfunks epitaph, three young americans from cincinnati were signing the birth certificate of a whole other type of rap clouddead, an eponymous. Licensed to youtube by alpha pup records on behalf of clouddead.

The lyrics are mostly just nonsense but vocals work for the most part despite at times seeming to border on the pretentious. Why youre not getting paid the streaming money you earned and how to get it sf musictech 2014 duration. Generally drucker and wolf provide the groups vocals while madson produces the music. Clouddead venture so far beyond the normal constraints of hip hop lyricism its difficult to comprehend. Culled from a series of limited 10 releases, clouddead s eponymous debut isnt so much a fully formed album as it is a wellexecuted exercise in seasick, proggist psychedelia. Clouddead s selftitled collection of eps move from one soundscape to another, with the aimlessness of apt. A haze consumes and all you can do is laugh even as it brings a role call of dead presidents. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from clouddead. Clouddead s first six 10inch singles were compiled as a selftitled album, clouddead, in 2001. Printed on the sleeve of the single dead dogs two is this is clouddead number 9 of ten, indicating that as of ten 2004, clouddead have finished making music as a group. As dr dres 2001 vaingloriously carved out gfunks epitaph, three young americans from cincinnati were signing the birth certificate of a.

Its not that jivepolitical crap that has come out as a reaction to the mindnumbing, knuckledragging postp. As of 2009 clouddead came together under the name again to record a track on themselves newest mixtape thefreehoudini performing the song rapping 4 money. It was released on may 1, 2001 on big dada in the united kingdom and on. On the occasions where they do stick to a traditional rhyming patterns, the words are so far out as to make dr. Most any rap fan will know that this album is a quintessential modern classic of the genre.

The debut album from american supergroup clouddead, it was released on may 1 2001, and has become a cult classic, decidedly underground and incredibly innovative. Red and i continue out cloud 9 minecraft series with new mods, new world, and new adventures. Its a concept album that tells the troubling, eyeopening story of kendricks life growing up in compton, california. Clouddead styled as clouddead was an experimental hip hop group consisting of doseone. With background textures that rival boards of canada in pastoral, treelined opacity and an obvious predilection for boggy atmospherics, clouddead handily distances themselves from the rest of their hiphop brethren. Odd nosdam is the real draw here, very trippy and unique beats, samples and drones.

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