Discolored skin patch on thigh

Skin discoloration can be triggered by a number of causes, including. It shows up around the folds of the thighs and genitals places covered by a diaper. This is a common skin condition that usually affects facial skin and causes brown patches. Couple years ago, rough, discolored brown patches of skin appeared in the pit areasides of the chest. This can occur as a result of poor hygiene, overexposure to heat or humidity, obesity or as a result of diabetes. The condition may also cause your nails to pit, crumble. These are light browntodark brown flat spots with smooth or. Learn more about the causes of scaly skin and what to do about it at webmd. Determining the cause of dry skin allows a person to find the right treatment. Discolored spots and patches can occur on your legs for a variety of reasons. Dark skin on the inner thighs can be experienced by anyone, regardless of skin tone. The discoloration of dark inner thighs may even stretch into the bikini or groin area. They may be lighter, darker, or a different color, such as red, gray, or blue. Red or brown patches on the skin of your lower leg, ankles or feet.

On darker skin these patches can be a dark brown or they can be paler than. There are many causes of dark skin between thighs that might extend this skin discoloration problem to the groin or other bikini areas. Find discolored skin patches stock images in hd and millions of other royaltyfree. Usually occurs in skin folds armpits, buttocks, under breasts, between fingers and toes begins with itching, stinging, and burning red rash with wet appearance and dry crusting at the edges. Learn more from webmd about the many common skin problems that can accompany diabetes. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs when cells that normally produce melanin across your skin go into override and produce too much of this natural skin coloring matter. However, its important to be able to distinguish them from solar keratoses. Hormonal changes and surface damage can lead to hyperpigmentation. It isnt itchy, its rough, like 600 grit sandpaper, and discolored. Dry skin patches can have many causes, including allergies, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Pih is known to cause skin darkening and discoloration that shows up as spots or large patches on the thigh and other parts of the body. One cause of a brown skin rash on the inner thigh could be erythrasma, which is a bacterial infection commonly affecting skin folds. It can show up on your knees, scalp, elbows, palms, lower back and the soles of your feet. It occurs when the skin on the inner thigh produces an abundance of melanin, a pigment that gives skin its color. Psoriasis or atopic dermatitis at leg of southeast asian, myanmar young girl. Most skin spots that result from aging or sun exposure are harmless. If you treat a skin condition like acne or psoriasis so that you stop the flareups or breakouts, youll eliminate whats causing the discoloration. Tonja johnson was 41 years old when she noticed a small, white spot on her leg.

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