The simpsons last good episodes

We finally know when the simpsons will likely end bgr. The simpsons is one of the longestrunning television shows of all time. Heres a guide to the 100 best episodes of the simpsons to watch. For my money, the last time that the simpsons enjoyed a consistent string of knockout episodes would be the eighth season.

Club presents these 10 episodes chosen from seasons 17. Homer to the max is an example of a simple premise expanded masterfully into a classic episode, while viva ned flanders once again proves that the homerflanders dynamic works better when they get along than when they dont. Which also contained the gems last exit to springfield, mr. Why is there a consensus that the first nine seasons of. Fortunately, gervais is still able to make good use of the world of the simpsons. All 22 minutes are very good, but the episode becomes alltime great near the end, when the simpsons and at least two dozen other recurring characters squeeze into neds bomb shelter. The 25 best simpsons episodes you should choochoochoose. Storyline homer and marge hire college coed ashley grant to. The episode successfully shows how tv channels exaggerate a news in order to boost their business and how people believe in anything that is shown on tv. As evidence that these elements of the show remain intact, the a. If you only ever watch 29 episodes of the simpsons. The best episode from each of the simpsons bad seasons everything went to hell starting with simpson safari, but theres since been a few gems. It reached its 600th episode on october 16, 2016, in its twentyeighth season. For the list, stacker surveyed all the episodes imdb user ratings and ranked them accordingly.

Thread title says it all, what was the last good simpsons season before the decline of the once great tv show. The 29 alltime greatest simpsons episodes ever, in order. This 666th episode of the simpsons parodies the omen and stranger things, not to mention a little crazy rich aliens. The simpsons is the greatest show in tv history for all the reasons listed previously, plus so many more, that contemplating them all feels a bit like homers daydream about a trip to the land. You may not be able to quote much from the last 10. And it also still puts out a few good togreat episodes every season.

The standard for these travel episodes was set all the way back in season six, and ever since then, the simpsons has only occasionally recreated that balance of cartoon shenanigans and regional humor. The simpsons has now been going for a whopping 28 seasons and more than 600 episodes. The show has 10 perfect seasons under its belt and no other series can produce 10 consecutive quality seasons that is why other shows end quickly or lose quality overtime got, breaking the best tv show of all time. With the simpsons kicking off its 30th season on september 30, were once more looking back at the shows very best episodes. In 20, tv guide ranked the simpsons as the greatest tv cartoon of all time and the tenth greatest show of all time. The simpsons is an emmy award, annie award and peabody awardwinning animated comedy. Dont have a cow if you dont agree with this list, because you can create your own list of favorite episodes of the simpsons to share with other users. With the simpsons kicking off its 30th season on september 30, were once more looking back at the shows very best episodes the simpsons. We could all use a good laugh in these strange times as well as a great show to bingewatch. Ratings wise, new episodes of the cosby show beat the simpsons every time during the.

Longevity can be cruel to a tv show, but it hasnt eroded the core of the simpsons. I thought five seasons was good when i got there, jean reportedly said with a laugh. The best episode from each of the simpsons bad seasons. The 15 best episodes of the simpsons ever, ranked screenrant. No other show has impacted and influenced the tv medium like the simpsons. History talk 0 this section handles episodes where the majorty of the episode is set in the past. On february 6, 2019, the simpsons was renewed for seasons 31 and 32, in which the latter will contain the 700th episode. This is a list of the simpsons episodes by broadcast order. Why is there a consensus that the first nine seasons of the simpsons was the best. The simpsons has been around for almost 30 years now, spawning hundreds of episodes and one theatrical movie.

I know its been a gradual change, but from looking at an episode list, it seems to me that season 9 was the last before it turned to total crud. As it enters its fourth decade, its time to take a look back at the best simpsons episodes to ever grace our screens. These are the top 10 highest userrated episodes on imdb, and weve included the time that each is schedule to air on fxx. Marge vs the monorail was the greatest episode ever, so whatever season that was. But ask any simpsons fan what their favourite episode. For arguments sake, lets say that the simpsons has to end someday. The 100 best simpsons episodes since season 9 paste. The first classic episode of the simpsons is a satire on political spin, as c montgomery burns decides to run for office after his nuclear plants egregious environmental record is revealed. Characters top ten reasons why the simpsons is better than family guy bkallmighty best the simpsons episodes biscuits best seasons of the simpsons rocker1796 best simpsons quotes top 10 simpsons predictions that havent. With the recent final episode of the landmark 30th season, the show has produced 662 episodes and shows no signs of slowing down. Stacker presents the best simpsons episodes of all time. But the most recent seasons have still featured some fantastic episodes that are just as good as anything from the shows classic era.

Despite being a part of the simpsons downslide, season 10 has some gems. It is definitely a different show now than it was the first few seasons. Summarizing a great episode of television is like explaining a funny joke, its better to just experience the thing firsthand. A lot of people say the ninth season is the final good one, what happened after. On april 19, 1987, homer, marge, bart, lisa, and maggie made their debut during a short on the tracey ullman show. On november 4, 2016, the simpsons was renewed for seasons 29 and 30. There are now more bad episodes of the simpsons than good.

Its one of the best jokes the simpsons has done in its last decade. This is an episode that rests on its complexity, and. An exploration into the golden age of the simpsons and the infamous episode that started its downfall to mediocrity. When marge realizes that everyone views her as boring, she takes up competitive lumberjacking as a. Here are 10 episodes from recent seasons of the simpsons that are as good as the show ever was. The simpsons he loves to fly and he dohs clip1 youtube. For a list of episodes in production order, see list of episodes by production order. What simpsons episodes used satire the best, and why. This is only about what happened to a family history, that doesnt include the major characters. In addition to that sheer quantity, it is also a show that has. If anything, this episode proved to be more cheerful and less cynical than the various other christmasthemed episodes of years past simpsons roasting over a.

No i love the simpsons it just is that good i have been waiting it for a long time and i dont want it to end but if for some reason it does then do it with a bag the simpsons has been on tv for. The simpsons has been on the air for over thirty years, churning out some of the most iconic pieces of american television comedy ever. The series finale of the simpsons already happened and it. Watch the simpsons season 31 premieres sep 29 at 87c. At the same time, i believe this is also the season that put the show off track by subverting several key precedents that ul. The simpsons has had a run that no other show of its kind can match, what with its 25 seasons and 550 episodes and counting. For most people, the last good season of the simpsons is the last full season they watched when they were still young.

Which you can if you have access to fxxs the simpsons world. Like any show thats gone on for decades, though, its understandable if someone fell off the show after a point. Can anyone think of any really good episodes that came after season 9. By the time that season 4 began, the simpsons was no stranger to a flashback episode, having done two very good flashback episodes that focused on homer and marges backstory in.

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