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Play our grammar games and have fun while you learn. For each of the following sentences, select the correct word from the choices inside of the parentheses. Possessives are forms that we use to talk about possessions and relationships between things and people. My brother likes playing with his football but i like playing with his computer games. House should not be made plural a because the verb was is singular, indicating that the subject is also singular. Fun pdf phrasal verb esl activities, games, and interactive and printable worksheets, and lessons for teachers to. This powerpoint presentation provides some practice of possessive adjectives. It also includes some activities and games for students to practice the use of those adjectives. In spanish, the possessive adjective su has many possible meanings his, her, its, your, their. Possessive adjectives exercises elementary level esl. Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. In this lesson, students learn how to form singular and plural possessive nouns, including nouns that end in s.

Possessive form the possessive form is used to indicate ownership. Write the correct form of the possessives into the gaps apostrophe s. The possessive adjective goes before the noun or before the. Read clear grammar explanations and example sentences to help you understand how possessives are used. Possessive adjectives the university of michigan press. They take different forms depending on how they are used. Possessive adjectives efl esl activities, games and resources. Choose whether to practice possessive adjectives by navigating a treacherous galaxy filled with green monsters, a sea filled with pirates or a river filled with crocodiles. This lesson presents a fun way to introduce possessive adjectives to esl students. Its is only spelled correctly as a contraction of it is. Hello daniele, one pattern or the other would be more likely in certain contexts depending on the emphasis, e. Possessives in english are formed according to a set of rules.

Test your students understanding of possessive adjectives with this esl grammar activity. A collection of english esl worksheets for home learning, online practice. The possessives game works well as a language center, for whole class reinforcement, for test prep, for one on one, and more. Students begin by writing the correct possessive noun using s or s. An adjective goes with a noun or pronoun and a pronoun takes the place of a noun. These sheets are designed by teacher, which means theyre made specifically for classroom learning and curriculum enrichment.

Put a wavy line under the word that comes after the possessive adjectives. Our possessive pronouns worksheets help children understand when to use its and its along with other grammatical choices. Start by writing the pronouns i, you, he and she in a random fashion on the lefthand side of the board. Practice possessive adjectives by playing this interactive esl board game. Esl phrasal verbs activity reading and writing intermediate 40 minutes here is an enjoyable game to help students practice the meaning of various phrasal verbs and idioms. Pronouns o pronouns stand in the place of the noun or nouns. Make sure you understand how to use possessive nouns by identifying the correct possessive noun phrase on this quizworksheet combo. Then, the possessive adjectives my, your, his and her in a similar manner on the righthand side. Possessives possessives, possessive nouns activities. Jan 7, 2019 engaging pdf possessive esl activities, games and worksheets to help teach a1 and a2 level students possessive adjectives, pronouns and nouns.

Grammar worksheet all things grammar grammar focus possessive adjectives level intermediate answer key my notes 1. O subjective he, i, it, she, they, we, and you o objective her, him, it, me, them, us, and you o possessive hers, his, its, mine, ours, theirs, yours o reflexive herself, himself, itself, myself, ourselves. In other words, can you reword the sentence and substitute the. You can adapt this activity or change the format, like in the game who wants to be a millionaire. This article presents some practical esl activity and game ideas for teaching possessive adjectives to beginners. A fun way to practice selecting the appropriate possessive pronoun are with these interactive grammar cards. Possessive pdf esl activities, games, and interactive and printable worksheets to help teach a1, a2 level students possessive adjectives, pronouns, nouns. This is a 9page worksheet which provides explanations and exercises about personal pronouns, possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns, object pronouns, possessive nouns. Next, students fill in gaps in sentences with the correct possessive pronoun. Have the students copy the board and draw connecting. In this fun possessives teaching activity, students play a happy families card game to practice possessive nouns. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate possessive form.

Heres a test you can use to determine whether an apostrophe is neededwe call it the of test. This worksheet is made to practise listening skills. This reduces the number of times the noun is repeated. A collection of english esl worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and english classes to teach about possessives, possessives. Esl possessive nouns game listening and speaking activity elementary a1a2 25 minutes. This possessives game will help your students practice using possessives in a fun game format.

Efl esl activities and games for teaching possessive adjectives. Pdf icon print a reference card for this grammar topic. The correct spelling of the possessive form of the pronoun it has no apostrophe. The best way to help our students out with new grammar is to introduce a variety of practice opportunities. Possessive adjectives and pronouns interactive worksheet. English lessons for kids videos, printables, games, online tests teach kids with an engaging blended english program. Welcome to esl printables, the website where english language teachers exchange resources.

Air force 33s33s mission is to rescue stranded sea turtles. In this possessives worksheet, students practice possessive nouns and possessive pronouns. Nov 23, 2017 fill in the blanks with an appropriate possessive form. Then, put your grammar knowledge into practice by doing the exercises. In the phrases your house and their car, your and their go with the nouns house and car and identify them. Possessive adjectives efl esl activities, games and. If you want to download you have to send your own contributions. My sister likes riding her bike but i like reading her books. Write the correct possessive pronoun for each sentence. English pronouns practice test possessive pronouns 2. The ss have to write the correct possessive adjectives on the lines. The slides show some sentences without the corresponding possessive adjective, so you can invite your students to play a game practicing possessives. Grammar is tricky, especially when it comes to pronouns.

Give each group of four a set of cards, which they shuffle and deal out evenly. In this lesson, students learn the possessive adjectives my, your, his, her its, our, your, and their. Using visuals, multiple examples, and structure will allow students to practice. Feel free to use this a sample efl lesson plan, or to supplement an existing one. Please wash your hands and practise social distancing. My mine your yours his her hers our ours their theirs.

In english, the possessive adjectives his, her,and their tell whether something belongs to a male, a female, or more than one person. Practicing grammar errors can be boring or monotonous. Possessives esl games activities worksheets teachthis. Esl possessives are relatively simple but they do have a few grammar rules that students will need to master in order to become proficient in them. Grammar worksheet all things grammar grammar focus possessive pronouns level intermediate answer key my notes 1. Students fill in the correct response for each sentence. Noun woman city car manager supermarket soup proper. To view and print this lesson, youll need to purchase a subscription. Simple explanation of possessives with some exercises. A possessive adjective comes before a noun in a sentence, while a possessive pronoun stands alone, and can be used in place of a. A possessive adjective comes before a noun in a sentence, while a possessive pronoun stands alone, and can be used in place of a noun, such as in the sentence.

Each card contains a picture of an object and the name of. Do you want to practise using possessives in english. There is a role play activity in which students put the target. Possessives rules and exercises for intermediate level. Practice exercise for answers to this exercise, see the following page. Print the reference card, activity sheet and test for more practice. They showed us all they their ours holiday photos last night. Beginning writers sometimes mistakenly add apostrophes to make words plural, but this is not how the apostrophe is used. In the same way, ours doesnt go with a noun and takes the. Suddenly english grammar practice is no longer boring with these games. English esl possessives worksheets most downloaded 100. Free pint out with colorful pictures and sentences to practice possessives.

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