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It was never intended as a light for frying pan shoals. The cottage is based on original plans from the authentic keepers house that burned down in the 1880s, and also features an onsite souvenir shop with old baldy, beach and pirate themed mementos, gifts, books, maps, postcards, clothing, and decorative items. Historic lighthouses of north carolina hachette book group. After decommission, it was restored with the aid of the old baldy foundation. Buy a cheap copy of the lighthouse keeper s daughter book by arielle north olson. Stedman, lighthousekeeping by jeanette winterson, the. Standing sentinel over the island, and through the efforts of the old baldy foundation, old baldy lighthouse is open daily to visitors. Bald head lighthouse united states coast guard all. Discover north carolinas rich maritime history at old baldy lighthouse and smith island museum. When we say we couldnt do it without you, we mean it. Jim is a moral compass in a world that knows only shades of gray. No one does a better job portraying how a man thinks and loves than james does.

A jones fog bell was placed near bald head lighthouse in 1855. Old baldy lighthouse ceased to be used due to the construction of a lighthouse at the mouth of the cape fear river. The lighthouse keepers rescue mr grinling loves a jolly good snooze, but he keeps on waking up too late to switch on the lighthouse light. For nearly 200 years, north carolinas oldest standing lighthouse, old baldy, has marked the mouth of the historic cape fear river. Old baldy lighthouse and smith island museum of history, 101. Old baldy was built of soft red bricks covered with stucco.

The lighthouse keepers series collection 8 books set ronda armitage, david armitage on. The tour will begin and conclude at the old baldy lighthouse keepers cottage. Apr 11, 2017 the old baldy foundation celebrates the 200th birthday of the lighthouse on saturday with a flag dedication, a u. This is the present lighthouse on bald head island. No vehicles on the island, only golf carts summer it think nicknamed the bug light. There, the couple spied a lighthouse keeper wearing an old fashioned hat and uniform at the very top of the talacre lighthouse. Coast guard station oak island, on the southern coast of north carolina. Old baldy lighthouse and smith island museum of history on. Learn about the maritime heritage of the state, tour our museum and the keeper s cottage, and climb. Join the village chapel of bald head islands easter services by visiting their facebook page.

In the early days the lighthouse keeper would white wash old baldy every two years. At keepers cottage you can learn the history of the lighthouse including its keepers, pirates and more. At the same spot as old baldy sits the smith island museum, designed to replicate an 1850s lighthouse keepers cottage. Dive into the rich history of bald head island by climbing old baldy and touring the smith island museum of history. Commissioned by thomas jefferson and built in 1817, old baldy lighthouse is north carolinas oldest lighthouse. From special eventsfund raisers to working in the gift shop or helping with upkeep for old baldy and the grounds there is something for everyone. Today, thousands of visitors make the exciting journey each year to beautiful bald head island to learn about the islands rich maritime past at the smith island museum of history. Old baldy foundation has plenty of different types of volunteer opportunities.

The lighthouse keepers daughter book by arielle north olson. It is the second of three lighthouses that have been built on bald head island since the 19th century to help guide ships past the dangerous shoals at the mouth of the cape fear river. The proceeds from the admission into the lighthouse and museum go to historic preservation projects. The new octagonal tower, old baldy, as it is affectionately known, was first illuminated in 1817. May 10, 20 susan grantier, program coordinator for the old baldy foundation, said no records or blueprints explain why the top of the bald head island lighthouse is offset, but she offered a few guesses. Bald head lighthouse, known as old baldy, is the oldest lighthouse still standing in north carolina. Old baldy lighthouse was still standing on the island.

Bald head island lighthouse 2020 all you need to know. The final project of my mals experience will be the creation of a book for 4. Before its destruction, the demolition company removed the lens and sold them to an antique dealer in wilmington, nc. A tour of 17 iconic east coast lighthouses coastal living. Learn about the islands maritime past and browse the small gift shop for books on pirates, history and island knickknacks. Old baldy, built in 1817, is north carolina s oldest existing tower and may be the most haunted as well. Built in 1817, old baldy is the oldest standing lighthouse in north carolina. Please meet your tour guide at the old baldy lighthouse keepers cottage at 10. North carolinas oldest lighthouse is owned and operated by the old baldy foundation, a 501c3 not for profit organization. A replacement lighthouse the current old baldy lighthouse was completed. A story about an old lighthouse keeper who wishes to pass along his legacy to an only daughter, shortly before his death.

According to records, a former keepers daughter died at the lighthouse at a young age. The tower itself was supposed to be a specific height with walls a certain width, 5 feet thick at the base, for instance. Hello lighthouse by sophie blackall, the light between oceans by m. Old baldy lighthouse and smith island museum of history 101 lighthouse wynd, bald head island, north carolina 28461 rated 4. Its an easy fifteenminute bike ride away from the historic captains cabins. As the oldest standing lighthouse in the state, with the patchworked repairs and rugged exterior to prove it, the structure is an icon in the area, and is quintessentially linked with bald head island. The old baldy foundation is a nonprofit organization established for the preservation of old baldy lighthouse on bald head island, nc and for the promotion of and education about the manmade histories of smith island. The story revolves around his earlier life as a simple irish immigrant, sent off to europe in wwii, the tragedies of his young life, and how he came to be the lighthouse keeper. Old baldy was built in 1817 of soft red bricks covered with stucco. The forgotten lighthouse of bald head island news the. Congress approved an act on may 7, 1822 to build a replacement lighthouse at or near the port of ocracoke, in the state of north carolina. The bald head island lighthouse is the oldest in north carolina, and it stands ninety feet high. Lighthouse logbooks are found in the several series listed below.

Logbooks of the us lighthouses, 18721940 national archives. The old baldy lighthouse has risen over the treetops since it was completed and first lit in 1817, a stoic reminder of the islands role in maritime navigation since well before the civil war. The top of the lighthouse is fourteen feet and six inches wide and two feet and six inches thick. Historic site the old baldy foundation united states. The old baldy lighthouse is one of the most distinctive beacons in north carolina for a variety of reasons. The lighthouse was constructed too near the coast and erosion soon threatened the lighthouse. The focus of bald head island is its lighthouse, nicknamed old baldy. When it was discontinued large pieces of the stucco began to fall off the lighthouse. The event will memorialize the historic lighthouse and the dedicated keepers who watched over it. I want to go back and stay a few days when the turtles are hatching. The lighthouse keeper is the first book by james pratt that i read.

Aug 07, 2015 although the original lighthouse charlie tended was dismantled in 1958, a nearby beacon is open to visitors as a reminder of the islands navigational legacy. The keeper is an old revolutionary soldier, he reported and is unable from sickness to give the lighthouse his constant personal attention. At its base, old baldy is thirtysix feet wide, and its walls are five feet thick. The most important purpose of old baldy was to mark the cape fear river entrance for the maritime sailors. Today, thousands of visitors make the exciting journey each year to beautiful bald head island to learn about the islands rich maritime past at the smith island museum of history and experience old baldy. At that point, i believed i knew exactly where it came from. Oct 20, 2019 you know old baldy, but what about the lighthouse that preceded it in 1795. But in 1958, the cape fear lighthouse was demolished and the oak island light, took its place.

Inside old baldy lighthouse, bald head island, north carolina the inside of old baldy lighthouse would make an unusual multilevel apartment. Smith museum is housed in replica of 1850s lighthouse keepers cottage. Frequent occurrences are images of orbs appearing on visitors souvenir pictures while visiting the light. In this reprint of a popular childrens book, a young girl named miranda learns about life on a remote island in maine. Mar 31, 2016 bald head island lighthouse, nc old baldy is north carolinas oldest standing lighthouseits been standing in its original structure for nearly 200 years and was built to mark the port entrance of the cape fear river.

The us light house service became part of the us coast guard in 1939, and as a result its records are. A lighthouse lovers hop bald head island limited, llc. Affectionately known as old baldy the lighthouse has maintained its original form and location for over 187 years. Though she insists the lighthouse was locked up tight, making it impossible for any human figure to be inside of it, both she and her husband spotted the figure from totally different vantage points. The lighthouse keepers series collection 8 books set. For unsurpassed, panoramic views of bald head island, the climb up 106 steps to the top of old baldy is an adventure offering visitors a birds eye view of the island. What to do and see during a vacation to bald head island. Once you arrive on bald head island, take a brief walk to old baldy lighthouse. Take the ferry over to the oldest standing lighthouse in north carolina.

Duxbury pier lighthouse also called duxbury light is a lighthouse located in plymouth harbor, massachusetts. Coast guard flyover, music by the bald head choir and the howard brothers and a. A 108step climb and guided tour brings you to the top of this whitewashed tower, but half the fun is getting there. These are managed by the old baldy foundation in order to preserve the history of smith island, old baldy lighthouse, and the maritime history of the carolina coast. The stairs between levels are a bit steep, and the place desperately needs air old baldy light, nc.

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